Creating Positive Reinforcement Rocks for Universal Pictures and HACKS 2

Collaborating with Universal Pictures on the Set of HACKS 2

Our small family business had the opportunity to engrave rocks with positive reinforcement words for the Emmy-nominated show


It was an amazing moment for our small family business, My Furever Memories, when we received a call from Universal Pictures. They were looking for someone to engrave several rocks with positive reinforcement words such as the om symbol, "beauty is truth," "love=trust," and "serenity." As a company that specialized in engraving pet memorial river rocks, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to the HBO Max series HACKS season 2.

The process of creating the engraved rocks was both challenging and rewarding.

We had to carefully consider the placement and size of the words and symbols on the rocks to ensure they were legible and visually appealing. Despite some initial challenges, we were able to create a beautiful final product that was featured in the show.

HACKS 2, which is the second season of the popular show, received three of its 15 Emmy nominations for its writing, directing, and actress Jean Smart's performance. Along with the creators, the cast, including Hannah Einbinder, Carl Clemons-Hopkins, Mark Indelicato, Paul W. Downs, Meg Stalter, and more, are working hard to maintain the comedic excellence they achieved in the first season.

Working with Universal Pictures on HACKS 2 was a fantastic opportunity for our small family business. It was a chance to showcase our skills and contribute to a highly-acclaimed show. We were thrilled to see our engraved rocks on screen and are grateful for the experience.

Beauty is truth rock from Hacks Season 2 HBO MAX the making of engraved rocks used in Hacks Season 2 on HBO Max Episode 2 engraved rocks used in Hacks Season 2 on HBO Max Episode 2 made by MyfurevermemoriesEngraved Rocks from HBO Max Hacks Season 2 made by