Here are 6 ways that you can help your friend that just lost a pet

We've all experienced the loss of a pet. And when it comes to losing a dog, that loss is felt very deeply by both the owner and their extended family members.

Bereavement over the loss of a pet is no different than bereavement over the loss of any other person. The grief felt is just as intense, even if you didn't have them as long as others in your family might have had them.

If your friend has lost his or her dog, there are some things that you can do to help him or her through this difficult time. Here are 6 ways that you can help your friend that just lost a pet.

1 . Offer your ear -

Allow them to express their feelings to you.

2 . A Memorial Plaque -

Some people believe that creating a unique memorial plaque for their pets is too much. It's actually a wonderful method for the pet owner to commemorate his or her cat or dog forever. Give them a plaque with a picture of their pet and a poem they can read. This will assist in the grieving process as well as acceptance. If you're not the poetical kind, there's a great Memorial Plaque available online at where you can order a personalized memorial plaque.

3 . Have a Memorial Service -

Have a Memorial for them at your home. This is an excellent way to allow them to share their grief with other people who knew their dog or cat, as well as to give others the opportunity to show their support and love.

 4 . A Memorial Ornament -

A Memorial Ornament is a beautiful memento of a dog or cat that has passed away. They feel so honored when they receive one and especially love knowing that you were thinking about them when it arrived in the mail.

5 . Food -

A lot of people who have lost a pet feel like they've 'lost their appetite.' So, if they mention that to you, take it as a hint that you should offer to bring over some home-made soup or some other comfort food that might help them get thru the day. 

6 . Don't Get a Bouquet of flowers -

When someone loses a pet, friends often think that this would be a good time for them to give flowers. Don't do it! This will only make your friend sadder because they'll immediately start thinking about how much their dog or cat loved those flowers and what happened to him or her after they were gone...

Most importantly, is to be there for them. Remember, to pet lovers, our pets are more than just a pet. They are family members and a part of our lives.