Our Team

  • Vidal

    Owner, Marketer, Maker

    Hi! I'm a husband and a devoted father. Love playing with my laser engrave and spend time with my kids. I use my brains to bother my wife and to better our shop on the complicated website.


  • Adda

    Owner, Designer, Customer Service, the Boss

    Hi all! Thank you for visiting. I'm the multitasking on this family, you know, the mama. Love my kids and I always thank God for giving me an amazing husband 💗


  • Papa Rigo

    Box Making Department

    I'm a happy grandfather that enjoys helping around. I'm in charge of making and stamping the shipping boxes. I love my grandkids and being with them has brought me so much joy to my life.


  • The brats

    Little Helpers

    Vidal Jr - Employee of the month, I mean, pre-teen who helps a lot but requires motivation. Lucas - Not helping much but love being around my parents giving hugs and kisses. Eleanor - Little sassy princess that likes makeup. That's all!


  • Snowy


    Someone has to take care of our family. When I am not at guard, I am playing with barbie and my brothers and sister.


  • Barbie


    Someone has to help snowy bark at humans.  I love long runs at the park and nibbling at Snowy.