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Indoor Pet Memorial Plaques

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A full color image infused into the stone

A lasting tribute to a beloved pet

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A tangible way to honor and remember a pet


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By Vidal and Adda in Los Angeles, CA USA
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Our pet memorial plaque are unique, meaningful and thoughtful. The plaque is personalized with photo, name and date, perfect for commemorating your furriest friend. These are gorgeous picture frames made of natural slate stone that are printed using high definition technology, resulting in an amazing photo quality display. You can stand it on the desk as its own personal memento to remember all of those cute memories of our living fur baby that passed away too soon.

Made with real marble

marble grave markers

beautiful and elegant way to memorialize a beloved pet
Natural Stone


Sand-carved for depth
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Sand Blasting

A Timeless Elegance with Traditional Sand Blasting Engraving

a memorial plaque with more textured and detailed finish
Sand Carved
White Marble Pet memorials

Marble is a durable and long-lasting material, so a marble pet memorial plaque can be expected to stand the test of time. We carve your design and inscriptions using pressurized sand to give it depth, these are not printed. All of our plaques are designed and crafted by Vidal and Adda, we always welcome special requests.

Engraved River Rocks

pet memorial stones

Sometimes the best memorial is simple river rock to honor our pets
engraved stones or engraved rocks. These terms are all used to describe rocks or stones that have been engraved with personal messages or inscriptions, such as a pet's name and dates of life, as a way to memorialize or honor a loved one.
engraved rocks

Natural rocks

the natural beauty and uniqueness of river rocks adds to their appeal, as no two rocks are exactly alike.
looking for something different

Snake Rock memorial

reach out to us if you have any special requests.
Sand Carved Not Printed

Engraved with depth

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Our engraved river rocks were featured in HBO max Hacks Season 2
A beautiful Engraved rock
that will last forever

We know how hard it is to say goodbye when a loved one passes away, especially if they were your furry companions. Engraving something as meaningful as these memory stones will remind all those passing by about what an amazing friend/family member (etc.) yours truly was; plus having these personalized pieces act like memorials outside where pets spend time playing helps us reminisce over all the good times spent together, which makes our present day suffer less too

Laser Engraved Granite Stones

Photo etched

Laser Engraved Granite Stone

a lasting memory


Personalized and Shipped

from Los Angeles, CA USA
Outdoor Pet Memorial

Our Black Granite Pet Memorial is a stunning way to honor the memory of your beloved pet. The laser etching technique used to create the design on the black stone produces a lighter grey contrast, creating a beautiful picture of your pet. This method is superior to printing with ink because it is permanent and will not fade over time. Choose our Black Stone Pet Memorial to create a lasting tribute to your furry friend.

Why a pet memorial

A pet memorial plaque is a beautiful way to honor the life of your beloved pet. They are a tangible reminder of the love and companionship you shared, and can be a valuable source of comfort in the future. ...
Some of our most cherished memories are made with our pets. We provide a great way to keep those memories alive and share them with others. Here at you will find a large selection of pet memorials for Dogs, Cats and horse. Our pet memorial plaques come in various meterials, sizes, and finishings. We offer beautiful colorful indoor plaques, long lasting outdoor plaques and grave markers, ornaments, glass portraits as well as other beautifully design products. Memorial Plaques and Signs - Unique Designs. We offer a large selection of pet memorial plaques, personalized memorial signs, and signs for horses. Choose from over 300 different designs to create the perfect remembrance of your beloved pet. We also offer glass portraits of your dog or cat to make a beautiful tribute to them. All products are custom made with your choice of design, text, color and finish. Our memorials will help you keep your loved one close at heart forever.

Forever Loved
Memorial Ornament

The perfect way to honor your pet this Christmas is by giving them a memorial tree hanger. These ornaments are made from quality materials and beautifully crafted, allowing you to keep their memory alive year-round with pride!