Honoring Your Beloved Pet: A Comparison of Granite, Marble, and Slate Memorials

Preserving the Memory of Your Beloved Pet

Losing a pet can be a difficult and emotional experience. They are more than just animals, they are members of our family. To honor and remember them, many pet owners choose to create a lasting memorial to keep their memory alive. MyFurevermemories.com offers a variety of pet memorial options to help you preserve the memory of your beloved pet. In this blog, we will be comparing our Jet Black Granite Pet Memorial, White Carrera Marble Pet Memorial, and Color Photo Slate Pet Memorials to help you decide which type of memorial is best for you.

Jet Black Granite Pet Memorial

When choosing a pet memorial, it is important to consider factors such as weather resistance, cost, and personal preference. In the following comparison chart, we will be looking at these factors and more to help you make an informed decision about which type of pet memorial is best for you.

Feature Jet Black Granite Pet Memorial White Carrera Marble Pet Memorial Color Photo Slate Pet Memorial
Material Natural stone Natural stone Natural stone
Hardness Hard and dense Softer than granite Medium hardness
Weather resistance Resistant Resistant Not recommended for outdoor use
Color Jet black White Customizable with color photo
Finish Glossy polished on all top five sides Polished Gloss or matte
Engraving method Laser or sand-blasting techniques Laser after placing a silicon film followed by sand-blasting for depth and painted fill with black outdoor paint for contrast Color photo printed onto the surface with hand chiseled edges
Extreme Weather resistance Sand-blasting is recommended for extreme weather conditions Both laser engraving and sand-blasting are resistant to extreme weather conditions Not recommended for extreme weather
Color fill May be used for contrast when stone is wet Black outdoor paint Not applicable
Size available 5x7 and 8.5x11 and 12 inch Heart 6x12 and 8x12 inch 5x7, 4x8, 7x11, 5x11 inches
Cost Less expensive than marble More expensive than granite. Sand-blasting is more expensive than laser engraving Less expensive than outdoor plaques
Look Sleek and modern Elegant and timeless with contrast color High resolution color photo of your pet with hand chiseled edges. The quality of the photo used will affect the final look of the plaque
White Carrera Marble Pet Memorial


As you can see from the chart, Jet Black Granite Pet Memorials are sleek and modern, White Carrera Marble Pet Memorials are elegant and timeless with contrast color and Color Photo Slate Pet Memorials are customizable with a color photo of your pet, and come in a variety of sizes with the option for a gloss or matte finish. They feature hand chiseled edges and have a high resolution color photo of your pet. However, Color Photo Slate Pet Memorials are considered for indoor use, they will look beautiful on the mantel, office desk, next to other memorabilia keepsakes from your late pet, next to the urn etc. Although they are not recommended for outdoor use because of the fading of color over time.

Color Photo Slate Pet Memorial

It is recommended to purchase both an indoor and outdoor plaque, this way you can cherish the memory of your pet both inside