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Horses Memorial

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      Horses are beautiful creatures, when they pass on they will always be in our hearts. Horses have given us so much love and joy for many years deserve the greatest honor of having a memorial plaque made to keep at all times. We have a variety of sayings on our plaques, and I'm sure you will discover one that is significant to you. We can assist you with anything you may need. Please contact us for additional information if you have a special message to include on the memorial plaque.

      This is the perfect gift to give someone that has just lost their beloved pet horse. Our horse plaques are made out of stone and beautifully printed using high definition quality. They can sit on your mantel, shrine, office desk, or the special spot you may have.

      Do you want a personalized Outside plaque? We also offer natural river rocks, granite, and marble inscribed stones. Addaly Franco can create something meaningful and beautiful for you.

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      25 products

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