Marble plaque

Marble pet headstones are gaining in popularity due to their beautiful appearance. They're not actually printed, but they're individually hand-engraved using pressured sand and painted, which makes them stand out even more.


      A beautiful garden memorial marble tombstone plaque is perfect to place in the garden and pay a tribute to our late pet. This grave markers are not printed, it is engraved and paint filled, made to last forever. Other companies will paint or print on top of the marble, WE DON'T, we physically sand-carve for longevity. 

      How we make our Marble Plaques

      If you've ever wondered how our high-quality marble plaques are made, then we've got a video for you! This video elaborates on the process of engraving your message onto a plaque. Unlike what other companies do, we not only take time to design your message but also to engrave it, so it stands out and will last.