Outdoor Personalized Dog Memorial Plaque, Granite grave marker, Pet loss gift

Outdoor Personalized Dog Memorial Plaque, Granite grave marker, Pet loss gift
Outdoor Personalized Dog Memorial Plaque, Granite grave marker, Pet loss gift
Outdoor Personalized Dog Memorial Plaque, Granite grave marker, Pet loss gift
Outdoor Personalized Dog Memorial Plaque, Granite grave marker, Pet loss gift
Outdoor Personalized Dog Memorial Plaque, Granite grave marker, Pet loss gift
Size (Inches)

Laser Engraving

  • Uses a laser beam to etch an image or text onto the surface of the granite
  • Creates precise and detailed engravings
  • Digital process that allows for high degree of accuracy and flexibility
  • Can be used to engrave detailed images, text, and even photographs
  • Engraving not as deep as sand-blasting
  • Mono-tone contrast from glossy finish and rock.


  • Far superior compared to laser and Diamond engraving
  • Uses a stencil and high-pressure air and abrasive particles to etch image or text onto the surface of the granite
  • Creates deeper engravings for text with a more tactile and pronounced texture
  • Offers a luxurious and elegant look depth allows paint fill to provide a richer contrast
  • Slower process and requires more materials and equipment
  • More expensive than laser engraving
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outdoor plaques

At myfurevermemories.com, we go beyond the standard practice of merely printing personalization on stone. Our unique process involves sand carving, ensuring that each plaque we produce is not just personalized but truly engraved. This method underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality in every piece we create.

Indoor Plaques
Photo Slates

Explore the joy of presenting our colorful indoor plaques, a beautiful homage to your cherished pet. Constructed with real slate stone and vibrant colors. Your preference of glossy or matte finish.

Stands Included

Our Colorful indoor keepsakes include its stands so that They’ll cherish it always as they see their best friend every day when they walk into their room/office/home etc..

Stands included with pet memorial plaques made of slate stone.  Myfurevermemories.com

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Preserve the Memory of Your Beloved Pet

Eternally preserve the memory of your beloved pet with our outdoor laser engraved granite pet memorial plaques. Our plaques are the perfect way to remember your furry companion and are suitable for placing in your garden or at their resting place.

Durable and High-Quality Material

Our plaques are made of high-quality, durable granite stone, long-lasting engraved image that captures the essence of your pet. They are waterproof and designed to withstand the elements, ensuring that the memory of your pet will last a lifetime.

Sand Carved for Deep Etching 

Sand-blasting, on the other hand, is a process in which a stencil is applied to the granite surface and then sandblasted with high-pressure air and abrasive particles. This method creates a deeper engraving than laser engraving, and the final result is more tactile and has a more pronounced texture. The depth and texture of the engraving creates a luxurious and elegant look. The technique is also slower than laser engraving, and also, it requires more materials and equipment, which makes it more expensive than laser engraving.

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Minor Imperfections

Due to the nature of stones, minor imperfections may be present in the black granite. However, we strive to provide the best quality stone for your order.

Upgrade in Thickness

We are excited to announce that at MyFurevermemories.com, we have upgraded our granite pet memorials to a thickness of 3/4 inches (almost an inch thick) and added a beautiful high gloss polish on the 5 edges. We have discontinued our 5/16 inch plaques to ensure that we can provide our customers with only the highest quality products.

Available Sizes

Our black granite stone measures:

5" x 7" x 3/4" Polished on all top five sides

8.5" x 11" x 3/4" Polished on all top five sides

Order now and keep the memory of your beloved pet alive forever with our durable, high-quality granite plaques.

Comparison of Laser Engraving and Sand-Blasting

Feature Laser Engraving Sand-Blasting
Technique Laser beam vaporizes surface High-pressure air and abrasive particles
Depth of Engraving Not as deep Deeper
Precision High Moderate - High
Production Speed Faster Slower
Cost Less expensive More expensive
Look Precise and detailed engraved only on surface Luxurious and elegant with more pronounced texture
New Technology Advancement Advances in the use of precision laser engraving, a special film that will provide detail to sand-carvings

New Stencil technology allows for detail Precision

Extreme Environments

Can be affected by extreme weather conditions

Resistant to extreme weather conditions

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Returns Information

If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us, and we would be happy to help. However, if a mistake is made in your personalization by us, We will be happy to replace it at no cost. Due to the custom nature of your item, cancellations must be made within 24 hours of purchasing. If an item comes damaged or cracked, we will replace it at no cost to you upon a photo of the damage within 24 hours of delivery.

Have any questions call us at 501-FUREVER (501-387-3837) or email us at bark@myfurevermemories.com

Above and beyond happy with the pet memorial plaques I have ordered for loved ones. They brought so much love to their hearts. Top notch service, quality & time frame for delivery. Highly recommend!!!

Gina F.
Indoor Dog Memorial Plaque

The plaque I received was perfect! The quality is top notch and the etched picture is beautiful. Thank you!

Outdoor Dog Memorial Granite plaque
Stacey G.
Outdoor Memorial Granite

Great product, Excellent experience overall!
Would definitely use this business again.

Bonnie R.
Indoor Cat Memorial Slate

Such a beautiful memorial. My sister was very touched. Very nice experience all around.

Sheila B.
Indoor Horse Memorial Slate